all elements of the fight

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bigred Regular 27 posts
i dont know im pritty crazy
i dont know im pritty crazy
bigred Regular 27 posts
ok, im just curious on what you guys think are all the elements of fighting. please critec.and please no bitching like that bruce lee mohomid ali one.
in my opinion heres some points
sceanario, both fighters are standing 10 feet away just like a real fight.
1.attacking tori from a far(defending to)
2.attacking tori up close but not on ground( defending to)
3.attacking tori while hes on ground or were both on ground

im asking this question because im trying to deside which art im going to go hard core in to, ive already tryed judo,karate, ju jitsu, and kick boxing.and so far ive learnd that every style is good now a days because every thing is mixed martial arts. i dont know im pritty crazy
i dont know im pritty crazy
Robsco 1319 posts
If ya want a good mix try BJJ and Muay Thai.

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I let my attacker come to me i,m more comfortable couner acting my opponent. Kieran Doran