Weight Training for Martial Arts

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Derek Newbie 7 posts
Hi all,
I have been doing Ju Jitsu for about a year now. I got lazy for a while and I missed a few graings and I am grading for my orange belt in two weeks. I am pretty handy and should be up to green belt at least, but that's what I get for being lazy. (I'll know better next time)
Anyway, back to my point. I have been doing weight training for a few years. I am not that built, just toned. I was wondering, do any of you do weight training along with your martial arts training. If so, what kind of routines do you do?


Ross Regular 100 posts
if you want to be powerful and strong and have the build of an athlete then you need to powerlift not bodybuild.

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Ryu Regular 47 posts
Hi Derek, I did a fair amount of weight training before starting ju-jitsu, and found that it definitely helps with the ground work. Make sure you are training for strength and not for bulk, as the previous comment suggests. Average sets of about 8 - 12 reps should be ideal for this, and make sure you reflect this in your food intake. The old 60/40 carb protein split should be fine.

squats are also good for good overall strength, make sure you incorporate these in your regime. Occasionally training to failure and cardio should help with the stamina/endurance side of things. These are my observations based on my personal experiences, hope they work for you too.

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sentinal Regular 21 posts
Body building for me is out. It's easier for me to fight a big person. I'm not small, but I move very fast and I believe alot of Ju jitsu is based on skill and not strength. keeping your muscles toned is good. And I agree with squats, also do half sit ups and press ups on your knuckles.
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Derek Newbie 7 posts
Thanks guys. I am pretty fast myself with the ground work. I definitily don't want to loose that! I have bench press, squat and deadlift as apart of my routine, and a few others thrown in as well. From your replies at least i know now that im on the right track. Thanks. :-D