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Slide Boy Newbie 3 posts
I'm trying to bulk up, or maybe just tone up, and I've heard a lot about supplements, the problem is that there's too many to choose from.

Does anyone here take supplements like Creatine and/or Protein shakes? If so what would you recommend?

I already have a good balanced diet, but I could do with something during and after training.
Robsco 1319 posts
I've tried Creatine a couple of times, but stopped on hearing that it can weaken the ligaments.
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Ryu Regular 47 posts
Hi, theres quite a few supplements out there, but the few ive found to actually work are:

Creatine: strength, endurance, recovery, bulk (from creatine deposits in the muscles)

L-Glutamine: Raw strength & power, bulk (from development of new muscle tissue)

Along with a good food regime these supplements and protein shakes can make huge differences, from my experience. If youre not actively weight training you wouldnt really need a shake as a protein supp, just try to get all your protein from sensible eating. Hope this helps.

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Dave Addict 183 posts
I wouldnt advise anyone to take supplements as we dont really know whats in them! Many people who sell them use false scientific information as a selling gimic just to get rich.

Steroids many years ago were deemed safe and undamaging to the body and after 2-3 decades later, well we all know how dangerous and illegal they are now. Perhaps in another 2-3 decades the same problems will occur with these new supplements.

Train hard and eat a healthy diet and you wont need any supplements.:-D
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