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urban_samurai Newbie 14 posts
i've been studying ju jitsu for over a yaer now and i'm wanting improve my strength, stamia etc
i was wondering if anyone had any suggestion for a training program or tips to help me out. [][/email]
Robsco 1319 posts
Depending on your club and/or instructor(s) you should be building that lot up with training.

How about jogging and weights?
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urban_samurai Newbie 14 posts
yeah started jogging and going to the gym twice a week between my ju jitsu classes. the problem is the gym where i go is full of body builders who throw roids down their necks as if there smarties.
Robsco 1319 posts
How about getting your own set of weights?
The Admin Guy
urban_samurai Newbie 14 posts
if it helps i mainly want to tone and build strength. i'm not really that sure about what sort of weight i should be lifting and the amount of reps i should be doing.
ninja9578 Regular 92 posts
If you want tone and lean load on medium weight, say if you can bench 185, use 135. Do strip sets from that. Low weight, high reps is how you get strong and ripped, without getting big. Running will also keep your weight and size down. Look at cross country runners. We lift that way and run, and a ripped as hell.
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Gogs Newbie 8 posts
I do jujitsu and i find these are good training methods to improve overall fitness:

Light weight lifting every day except training for strength
Small amount of pushups/situps every day for strength
Squats every day (improves leg muscles - good for jujitsu reaps)
Jogging every day for fitness
Stretches every day to improve agility

Also i recommend skipping. It is one of the fastest ways to get fit (commonly used by boxers) :-)
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urban_samurai Newbie 14 posts
Many thanks ppl took your advice, now lifting lower weights and doing higher reps. Also stared jogging three time a week and i can tell the difference already. Also joined a new gym free of steroid monkees
Dave Addict 183 posts
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