What do you people think about this fight coming up in Febuary? Personally, I think Vitor is gonna knock Tito out toward the end of the first round. That would be my prediction, but the fight could go on longer if the x factor comes into play and Tito manages to score a takedown. Unfortuantely for Tito he doesn't seem to have as good as ground and pound as he did before. Remember the Canadian with that smurk on his face when Tito couldn't finish him during an entire fight on the mat? Also I'm taking in account how Tito is venerable to getting out punched. Chuck Liddel knocked him out against the fence and the Canadian rocked him pretty good once in that last fight. It's also not helping that Vitor has lighting hands and can practically machine gun a knockout against the fence. If Tito backs up there it's probably lights out. On paper though this fight looks even, but Tito is alot more one dimensional then Vitor with his reliance on ground and pound tactics. Vitor can win with punches, submissions, ground and pound, you name it. This fight may be scored about even, but honestly I'd say the odds are about 2:1 Vitor. It would be a good fight to bet on, in my opinion.