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[link=]Royce vs Akebono[/link]
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for BJJ in Merseyside look up 'Kazeka' (contact no. & address somewher in old threads on sfuk).
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sl Resident 855 posts
Any link Steve had a dig round the sfuk site but as ever completely lost!!!!! Isnt Kazeka a black belt aswell?

Any help much appreciated Steve.
Sweaty Gi Moderator 120 posts
Have you tried Liverpool BJJ in Bootle ?
And Scouse Shoot in Wavertree might do some gi classes.

Not sure how good they are or they're still running.
Might be worth checking em out.
sl Resident 855 posts
Yeah had a look at that one but he's quite MMA and i do other stuff. Im after a good BJJ club with a good head coach if that makes sense? Correct me if im wrong but it's better to train at a good bjj gym with a good head coach like a barra network one? Scouse shoot interests me i might give that a go, just once a week...

Where do you train sweaty gi is it a barra one?
Sweaty Gi Moderator 120 posts
I agree, ya best training at GB Manchester.
I'll be training at GB Sheffield again at the end of the month.
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