Blue Belt Reqirements (BJJ)

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Nathan Addict 175 posts
I scanned this in and let the computer put it in a format that can be used as text. But it's of poor quality. But I'll be buggered if I was gonna type it all out!


1. Standup (defence) a) forearm block and side clinch vs hooks b) slap block and go behind
into rear waist hold vs straight punches c) front kick defence d) round kick defence e) "base
out" (lower waist) vs throws
2. Standup (offence) a) Hip throw b) Leg hook takedown c) Rear lifting throw d) Rear waist
hold and drop with leg block
3. Mount (defence) a) UMPA b) Elbow escape
4. Mount (offence) a) maintain position (lift hand vs knee push, push vs waist push, snake vs
arm circle) b) Americana c) Straight Arm Bar d) Cross Choke
5. Guard (defence) a) Open guard strategy b) Scissor sweep c) Kick knee sweep
6. Guard (offence) a) Triangle Choke b) Guillotine Choke c) Straight Arm Bar d) Kimura e)
Cross Choke
7. In the guard a) Maintain balance b) Arm protection c) Neck protection d) Guillotine
defence (bounce) e) Knee in butt and pass under f) Break with elbow and pass over
8. Side Mount (defence) a) Raise leg to prevent mount, push hip, etc... b) Shrimp to Guard c)
Turn onto knees (i e into turtle)
9. Side Mount (offence) a) 2 (3) Ways to hold down b) Scarf hold c) Reverse Scarf Hold (to
mount) d) Americana e) Kimura
10. Back Mount (defence) a) Arm trap and roll into guard b) "Going out behind" (arm behind
ankle hook)
11. Back Mount (offence) a) Maintain position (w hooks) b) Collar choke c) Mata Leao (rear
naked choke)
12. Defence from sprawled position a) Come to base (turtle) b) Drive forward c) Cross step
and escape out to side d) Arm wrap and sit back.
Personal note: Royce will not promote anyone to blue belt until they have had at least I
year of training. Exceptions to this are those who train more than 3-4 times a week in
Robsco 1319 posts
An interesting list, but is it right at the top stating Rickson? If so they could be teaching differently, but I still don't think anyone has a list of requirements to get promoted in BJJ.

And as I said on the other thread, BJJ does not deal with a 'time-spent' approach. If you're good enough and fighting properly (keeping relaxed, using technique rather than strength, etc.) then you'll get promoted.

I've seen a few guys complain when others get promoted before them, even if they can beat the guys who get promoted. They may be beating Blue belts, but if they're doing it using strength instead of technique, you're not gonna get promoted.
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Nathan Addict 175 posts
Yeah. I really agree with that. The whole belt thing seems a bit of a cop out to me. Especially in TJJ. Yeah, ok, it's nice to see progress, but I don't really think it's necessary to have a load of different belts. Especially the lower colour belts. In TJJ, all belts up to like blue are all just basics. They say you don't really start learning jujitsu until you're a black belt. But what do I know? I've been accepted at the BJJ club and I start in a fortnight. Can't wait!
andy Resident 729 posts
who runs this club? you had to be accepted?
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Robsco 1319 posts
I thought that sounded a bit strange. Why are you starting in a fortnight? Is that their decision or yours?
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sl Resident 855 posts
Maybe his bank details have been accepted?:-D

Good luck anyway Nathan..
Nathan Addict 175 posts

read the stuff about enrolling...

But I'm starting in a fortnight as I wanna start on a pay day if ya catch my drift... he said he don't want just anyone joining,.,,
Robsco 1319 posts
I've never seen or heard of anyone having to go through all that to be 'accepted' to a BJJ school. It says they used to have other black belts from other arts coming along to prove themselves, they learnt a lot and left, what's wrong with that? I thought that's what all martial arts was about, looking at other stuff and seeing how you fair against it, etc.

Just seems they're trying to 'hype' it up a bit, 'woohoo I got accepted!' - very strange.
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sentinal Regular 21 posts
Seeing that you managed to get blue belt, does anyone out there have the green belt syllabus, stuck on orange and kinda slacking, was wondering if you could help Robsco. Tried to do 3Km today and sweated like a dog. Miss my sensei (relocated) so a training program would be good as well. Haven't been around much. Remember the boyfriend I was fighting with, well I moved in with him, so my training has come to a halt. Not a dojo in site....
This art comes with alot more
Nathan Addict 175 posts
Sentinal. We were referring to a Blue Belt in Brazillian JuJitsu. But Robsco can probably help though ;-)
Robsco 1319 posts
The Green belt syllabus is on this site in the Techniques section, and I'm actually a Brown belt in Traditional Ju-Jitsu, just Blue in BJJ.
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