Judo and BJJ (cbjj)

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Nathan Addict 175 posts

I was just looking on the www.cbjj.com.br website and decided to read the cbjj rules. Don't you think the rules make it very similar to Judo? I'm sure there are loads of differences. I'm probably just too inexperienced to see them. What are the major differences?
Bassmonger Resident 198 posts
Are they not totally different?

Judo has points for throws, while BJJ is about working towards submission with points for position (and takedowns).

Judo fights get stood up if the fight is on the floor too long, where as BJJ is supposed to go to the floor.


I'm probably simplifying things a bit too much (and/or plain wrong), but as far as I know, they're quite a lot different.

sl Resident 855 posts
To be honest i would rather see BJJ at the olympics than Judo!
Robsco 1319 posts
Now that'd be a sight, and actually more interesting, but then again, you need to understand it to enjoy it, and most people don't.
The Admin Guy
Nathan Addict 175 posts
Whoa, consider me told! Don't know much about Judo, so excuse my igorance. Never fancied it myself. On that CBJJ site they're saying they're trying to get JiuJitsu as an olympic sport. Would be good to see... Robsco, are you really going to Portugal?
sl Resident 855 posts
There are a few "sports" which shouldn't be at the olympics anyway!

Then again could a BJJer enter the wrestiling?