just lettin u know how im progressing in Pancrase MMA. Thought id bitten off too much when i started to learn the grappling arts at 35 ,but luckily a good base fitness through years of stand-up and a commitment to self train has kept me going.
My teacher is always using expletives which made me think about the spiritual/ chi side of MA. this seems non existant in the teaching of Pancrase and most things are taught without any emphasis on controlled breathing or the mention of inner power etc...Just wondered if BJJ talks about these things, as whilst grappling i try not to exert so much energy that i end up totally out of breadth, in fact i listen to my opponents breath to gauge were their at physically and try to struggle less when caught in a hold and relax to the point i think my opponant is really struggling against themselves as i slowly wriggle free. Anyway this works mostly against those at my level.