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troublesome Newbie 3 posts
hey guys. i'm 18 years old and wanting to start a martial art. was wondering if it's too late, and if it's not, i want to start jujitsu. did some research on it and it seems to be perfect for me. i play volleyball a lot so i know how to roll and stuff on the ground so i may have an advantage in that. give me some advice on what i should do. thanks.
Robsco 1319 posts
Bloody hell, we get people who are over 40 asking if they're too old to start! No-one is ever too old to start.

Not a lot of advice you can get apart from go and visit a few clubs, see what's the classes are like the attitude's, then try em out. Don't get tied down to the first club you visit, try a few, if you've got a few around you anyway.
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troublesome Newbie 3 posts
troublesome Newbie 3 posts
yea i got one more question. how long is it gonna take me to get adept in it? like on an average
sl Resident 855 posts
Depends which MA you take up and how often you train. Some MAs you can pick up some good quick basics....

I personally wish id have started in Jitsu a bit earlier. And on the age ive seen 50 year olds on the mat starting out..
Robsco 1319 posts
I'd take a bit of a guess with Ju-Jitsu, prob 3-4 months and you'll know what's going on, what it's all about.

Once you've got some of the basics and see where it's going, you'll learn stuff quite quickly. But as with anything, it takes practise, practise, practise.

To see more improvements, everytime you learn something new, go through the motions everynight, you don't need a partner there with you to drill the movements.

If you just leave your training in the dojo, it'll take a long time, quite obviously. If you drill everything everynight for 5 minutes you'll see dramatic improvements, it may take a few weeks, but once you get into the swing of it you'll be flying!
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Nathan Addict 175 posts
Another thing is try and go with a mate. Then you can drill them at home properly. Be careful with the throws though if you don't have a mat or quilt on the floor. It's handy like this because if one of you didn't pick a certain move up. the chances are your buddy did, so you can practice it and be ready for the next lesson.!