training program?

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ceej Newbie 1 posts
i was wondering what were the major muscles used in ju-jitsu and what type of exercises you used?
also,how long do you usually fight for?
Dave Addict 183 posts
I personally think every muscle in the body is used in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at some time or another. Too many positions moves and techniques to mention but i've found i use every muscle while sparring in BJJ. (except my love muscle);-)

Fight times vary in training and competition. In training i guess you spar until your coach says stop or you get tapped out. In competition i think its 5 mins for white, 6 mins for blue, 7-8 mins for purple, 8-9 mins for brown and 10 mins for black. When Andy reads this im sure he will correct me on this as im not 100% sure.
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Robsco 1319 posts
Not sure about the muscle groups, but I would agree, just about every muscle you have.

As for fight times, like Dave says, it depends on the fight. I think one of Helio Gracie's fights lasted over 1hr 30mins - not exactly sure, and can't be arsed to go hunting for that fact, I believe it weas the same fight that he actually had his arm broken half way through and continued to fight.
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sl Resident 855 posts
What is the longest has anyone sparred / fought without being tapped?? Probably don't mean competition.
Nathan Addict 175 posts
Si... I think it's probably that Helio Gracie fight that Robsco was on about.
sl Resident 855 posts
Sorry guys i meant personally ........ one for the member so to speak..

Royce has had a few marathon ones aswell i think didnt one of his pride ones go on and on.
catsshoulddrinkwhiskey Newbie 5 posts
fir traditional jujitsu the quads come in quite a bit for hanegoshi,etc.i guess for bjj it isnt to differnet form a shootfighter's needs,legs for takedowns,plenty of ab work for when your in the guard i suppose
crazymofo55 Regular 41 posts
It's every muscle you can bring to the table cause to counter and guard pass you need them all.
andy Resident 729 posts
do compound exercises,

bench press, squats, deadlifts!!!!, pull ups, dips and core work
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ninja9578 Regular 92 posts
Forearms, they are the ones that allow you to have a strong grip. Fingertip pushups work well. Also groin, it allows you to have stronger leg locks.
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Ryu Regular 47 posts
Train your tongue to talk you out of a fight.... :-D

Ken is good, but Ryu is bett
andy Resident 729 posts
forearms what i said, compound exercises
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