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Mike Newbie 2 posts
There seems to be some Sheffielders on here so hope you can help.
I have never studied a martial art, but have wanted to for years. My gym (esporta) runs ju-jitsu classes (with a BJJA approved instructor) and I'm thinking of joining up as it comes free with my gym membership fee.
Does anyone have any opinions or knowledge of these classes?
andy Resident 729 posts
the only thing i know is that they keep shutting down and re opening due to lack of numbers.

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Angry Regular 88 posts
ive seen this class and its awefully run. if i were you i would spend the money and train with royce gracie bjj sheffield

call andy on 07946540855

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steve Resident 217 posts
Andy / Angry,

I read on the instructors profiles RGN Sheffield that you both started with the BJJA then opted in with NAKMAS. Which group within the BJJA were you with (there only seems to be about 5 or 6 big groups now and don't thing any of them operate in your area), why did you move on...was it just that you wanted to move totally away from Trad JJ into BJJ or was it that you were restricted from practicing BJJ type 'realism' within the BJJA set-up. Also did you participate in any of their competitions or in the UNJJ championships and if so what did you think? I know a couple of lads local to me who are in Martin Dixon's Goshin-Kempo group within the BJJA and they regularly compete in the UNJJ events and win medals, but I don't know enough about it to know if the standard of competition is decent or not.

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Mike Newbie 2 posts

Thanks for the advice guys - I'm going to give this class a go just because it's free and included with my Gym fee and will give me a taster of what's involved.

The Abbeydale club ( is nearby as well - anyone know if that is any good?

From looking through websites, many clubs seem to do their own, slightly different flavour of the sport which include aspects of more than one style - why is BJJ preferred to Traditional by many people?

Sorry, I know this is a bit 20 questions :-)
Bassmonger Resident 198 posts
I train both trad and BJJ- I've been out injured for about 3 weeks now and though I'm missing the trad stuff a bit, it's the Brazilian I'm really wanting to get back into. I just really like it because there's loads to it, it's technical, you can go at it as hard as you like in training (as it were), and it's basically just fun to do.

Obviously there's all the arguments about how it's been proven to beat all other martial arts in real fight situations etc, but my reason is that I prefer it because I like it more. Which is a shit explanation, I know. Other people will have other (probably better) reasons I'm sure. For instance, Rob Brown enjoys rolling on the floor with big sweaty men.

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