Done with Traditional...

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sl Resident 855 posts
Right guys ive come to a decision in my martial arts...

Tonight is my last traditional night..... Im off to wolfslair from next week...

£65 a month but thats bjj for 7 days a week twice a day , but i can only make the 6-730 one and 1pm weekends plus use of the other equipment bags, weights, sauna etc..

All in all i think £65 is about right for that level of gym and it looks like a better bjj gym than next gen.

For the guys who know do you reckon im making a good choice? :-)
andy Resident 729 posts
good lad
"no weapon formed against me shall prosper"
Bassmonger Resident 198 posts
Yeah, nice one- see you at Seni...

sl Resident 855 posts
Had a peak at Wolfslair the other night didnt train, still injured but sat through a lesson, nice small class with a brazilian Sukata (probably spelt wrong!) taking the class. i've never been to a more chilled gym in my life. At one point he even put on one of his 50 cent CDs on. :-D