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Canuck Newbie 1 posts
Hey, I'm new to the board and Jujitsu - I havent trained yet but I plan on doing so heavily starting this summer - and I had a couple of questions that might be really helpful in starting off.
1) There are a couple of places in Calgary that teach BJJ, and they both claim to be the best in town, how would I go about finding which club is right for me?
2) One place I am thinking of going to places importance in cross training and offers Muay Thai and Wrestling classes outside of BJJ. Muay Thai seems like it would be a great addition but from what I've studied so far it looks like many people use the combination of them. Would this be a problem down the road in mma tounaments (should I find another style than MT to x-train with)?
3) I am pretty tall for my weight, 6'3" @ ~155 lb, is this going to effect training and if so, how (better or worse)?
4) I am also quite out of shape/weak and need to gain some power so I have been working alot on my core the past while. Other than that are there any elementary muscle groups/extremities that are particularially important? I know in a fight your going to use every part of your body but are there ones that come up more often than others?

Any help would be greatly appreciated
sl Resident 855 posts
1) Goto both see which one you like.

2) No, MT works thats why people cross train it. Just make sure you have a good instructor.

3) Not really extra height good for the extra reach and doesn't matter so much when your on the floor.

*4) do compound exercises,

bench press, squats, deadlifts!!!!, pull ups, dips and core work
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* Earlier post from Andy!

Good luck! :-D
Robsco 1319 posts
Hey Sl, you're turning more and more into a BJJ player everyday! :-O
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sl Resident 855 posts
I am arent i. Its actually a really good interesting martial art and if there had been a decent club in liverpool id have jumped on it, i dont mind travelling the 20 or so miles from work most nights to train as long as its worth it, wolfslair is certainly that!

Had a weird few weeks in TJJ and a bit of sub wrestling, decided to scrap TJJ for a few reasons really im quite a competative person and always trying to learn something useful just dont see TJJ as useful anymore, the sparring is pants, the throws are cool but some of the locks are useless unless im attacking someone standing still. Anyway thats my rant!

Have you got back to training Robsco? Still entering the Seni? Im just going to watch now..... Does anyone know of any other big uk tournaments later in the year?:-D
andy Resident 729 posts
there will be one in sheffield at the english institute of sport.
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