Bit Quiet!

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sarah_g91 Newbie 2 posts
Bit Quiet!
andy Resident 729 posts
that's because we have created a secret forum.

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steve Resident 217 posts
Anyone going to the sfuk open mats on the 22nd June? Simon (from Rochdale)& myself will be there and JB and Andy (Blackburn Judo lads) say they will come along..though can not guarantee them showing on the day. Anyone been before and what was it like? Is Levo's technique & coaching ability as good as everyone on sfuk raves?

"Its not the size of the dog i
Angry Regular 88 posts
im going

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"Bad weather all the time"
steve Resident 217 posts
Didn't see you at the open mats Angry, guess your lift fell through.

Top day but I need to get some reliable mates...ended up costing me me £30 quid for the day...£3 mat fee and £27 in petrol.

That Levo's technique is pretty good...he was probably one of the few guys I rolled with of similar weight to me, but was definitely a class act...he wasted me in no time wheras I managed to hold my own for a while with some of the bigger guys.

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"Its not the size of the dog i
bootlegrrider Newbie 7 posts
yo steve killer quote who said it? i wish i didnt live in america i could get more training where u guys are.
d4zzy Newbie 2 posts
its not very nice when m8s letts u down i have afew that done the same to me its better to be judged by 12 than carried by six
its better to be judged by 12