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New Nervous & Nowhere to Learn

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Wednesday 30th March 2005 at 12:52

I’m contemplating taking up Ju Jitsu as means to stay fit, I’m also interested in the ‘chess like’ competitiveness the sport gives.

I’m a big fan of UFC but aren’t far from ready to have ligaments etc “snapped like dry carrots”.

If attend would I be expected to fight and if so after how long. Don’t get me wrong I would probably enjoy the sparring but it’s a bit unknown at this stage having never done any martial arts.

Can any one suggest a reputable place to train in Middlesbrough, I contacted the BJJA and they gave me an address, I wrote to the guy but got no answer.

Any feed back would be appreciated.



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Wednesday 30th March 2005 at 13:00

Make your pic smaller or Robsco will shout at you..:-D

Depends which Ju Jitsu you wanna learn, BJJA is to do with traditional which is pants / really it is, however if you take it up i have a yellow belt for sale ..... :-D

Not sure on the fitness aspect TJJ not that good for fitness. Take up running ...

Get yourself to a brazilian jiu jitsu class and take it easy you normally only spar when then instructor thinks your ready.

Good luck with the training but really the best way is to get down to a local gym and have a go...