Favourite Technique.

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sl Resident 855 posts
Seeing as the forum been dead few questions.

1. What is everyones favourite submission technique (know we had it before on the vote) and why.

2. What do you think is the hardest to deploy in competition and why.

3. Who is your fav MMArtist and why.
Robsco 1319 posts
Favourite technique is probably quite common, but the Triangle.

Most difficult to pull off on in competition would be the Clock choke (just for me obviously).

Favourite MMA fighter, why Rickson of course!!! :-D
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andy Resident 729 posts
fav move - achilles lock
hardest to catch - gogoplata (rob - clocks are easy)

fav mma fighter - dont have one
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crazymofo55 Regular 41 posts
My favorite submission is the key lock or reverse key lock because it's simple to execute from side control.
The hardest is my second favorite which is the facelock chicken wing. It is a hammer lock done from the backmount by locking the elbow under their forearm around to grip the hand of the other arm around their neck thus shoulder and neck cranking them at the same time.
My favorite fighter is Randy "the natural" Couture because he finds every last weakness an opponent has and beats the crap out of them with it everytime. He is well experienced, well rounded, holds the UFC light heavyweight belt, is an Olympic team and all American wrestler, competes in the Ecochallenges (well freakin conditioned), and the list goes on....
PearlJam Newbie 5 posts
1. Favourite technique - armbar from the guard
2. Hardest to catch in a tourney - omoplata
3. Favourite MMA fighter - Genki Sudo (cause he is so fun to watch)
Sweaty Gi Moderator 120 posts
1. Armbar, since its the only one I know.
2. Armbar
3. [link=http://www.bjjfighter.com/Video/Matsui.WMV]Daijiro Matsui[/link]
crazymofo55 Regular 41 posts
Genki Sudo is a crazy little Jap. I've never seen anyone turn their back on their opponent with a jig and then start doing the robot in the heat of battle. It was the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen a fighter do. The other guy just hesitated because it was so unexpected. He had to be kicking himself later on for not capitalizing on that.
sl Resident 855 posts
hardest to catch - gogoplata (rob - clocks are easy)

What is a gogoplata? Not like a go go gadget armbar is it.:-D
Bassmonger Resident 198 posts
1. Triangle
2. Flying Triangle
3. Rob

Robsco 1319 posts
gogoplata - didn't wanna ask! :-p

But atleast I finally got some recognition! :-))
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andy Resident 729 posts
gogoplata..................when i remember how to post pics i'll show you
"no weapon formed against me shall prosper"
Ryu Regular 47 posts
1) Keylock or Straight Armlock from side control

2) Everything else except clocks, clocks are easy, Rob!

3) C'mon, do you even need to ask??????

Ken is good, but Ryu is bett
Dave Addict 183 posts

Omo or oma or something plata. Whats it called again guys?

Dont have 1 fave. I like loads of fighters. Renzo, W Silva, Sakuraba, Bas Rutten etc
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RYKER Newbie 6 posts
why has tjj been buried SL ? is this due to bjj? if so is it worth studing tjj at all?:-D
sl Resident 855 posts
Its a long but short story :-D. Basically its pants and i would no longer tell anyone to study it. The bad points off it.

1. Majority of Techniques taught from defending a right punch with a non resistive attacker. No good unless your beating up really drunk people.

2. The whole grading structure is geared around making money.

3. Kata , Weapon Kata is about as useful as a chocolate teapot.

4. TJJ strikes , dont even get me started

5. Sensai can i have a drink of water please. F*** him im 24 and can wipe my own arse!

6. Matt Ettiquite............ :-)):-))

Now BJJ.

1. Resistive attacker trying to choke the life out of you.

2. Grading structure you only get a belt when you deserve it not when you have saved up £25.

3. Kata :-)):-)) Nope!

4. No sensai (blackbelt with an ego... who is convinced TJJ will conquor all)

Basically its the best Martial Art (if anyone answers back ill set the chimp on them) alongside Muay Thai unless TJJ evolves i cant see it lasting the next 10 years.

Worth studying..... tricky one cos if i hadnt stumbled back to TJJ id never have gone to BJJ.. and TJJ got me out the house so can't complain if you cant find BJJ do some Judo.
thump Regular 29 posts
Is there a problem with doing tjj and studing has much bjj in books and dvd's.Bjj was a style that was modified from tjj was it not?(this is question not smart answer):-D