Congrats to Ross

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steve Resident 217 posts
Armbar made from guard within a minute...not easy to pull off so early on, technique execution must have been textbook and lightning fast. Nice one!

"Its not the size of the dog i
Sweaty Gi Moderator 120 posts
Yeah, nice one mate.

Don't make me sweat, you won't like me when I'm sweaty!
Moonface Newbie 4 posts
Well Done Ross, top arm breaking.

"Ross, this is my first fight, but it wlil not be my last" - Mike Fouquet (thanks to ross it might be)
Angry Regular 88 posts
thanks guys

lmao at moonface sig

"Bad weather all the time"
"Bad weather all the time"
Sir Moonface Regular 26 posts
I'm sure Ross would like to thank Bridget the Midget and all the girls at the bunny ranch!

"It's better to look good and lose, than to look bad and win"
Angry Regular 88 posts
you know i love that little height retarded woman

"Bad weather all the time"
"Bad weather all the time"