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alski Regular 73 posts
I'm starting training again in a couple of weeks,after being out of the game for about three months due to my hernia op.Ive lost weight and bulk in this time(not that i'm big anyway mind).I need to bulk up a bit and was wondering what would be the best to eat/drink e.t.c. cheers all:-)
toner Newbie 11 posts
are u goin 2 b doin w8 trainin or mma?
it takes 3500 calories to build 1lb of muscles so that gives u an idea that u need to be eating more than your spending calorie wise (say about 500kcal more per day)
you need to eat between 1.4-1.7g protein/kg body weight
this should make up about 15% of your energy intake
60% of your caloreie intake should be carb based(beware of sugars being reffered to as carbs on the nutritional info of food, most now usually say how much sugar is in them)
dont leave more than four hours between eating
aim to have 3 meals per day with atleast 2-3 nutritious snacks
reduce your fibre intake a little and eat more energy dense snacks.
you will probably gain about 1kg of muscle per month
remember to drink plenty of water atleast 1.5 litres plus another 0.5 per 1/2hour of training

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alski Regular 73 posts
will be doing jj and hopefully starting kick boxing or muay thai,depending how i get on in jj.What the best food/drinks to be scoffing to get that sort of intake you were talking about?
Nathan Addict 175 posts
I'm sorry Toner. But that advice is completley wrong. if you eat 3500calories more than you expend over a period of time. It gets stored as 1lb of FAT. The only way to build muscle is to weight train to failure. This rips and shreds your muscles, it basically destroys them, if you're diet is full of protein ( recommends at least 2g of protein of every lb of body weigh) you body uses this protein to rebuild your muscles, making them stronger and bigger, hence heavier. A KG of muscle a month is extremely optomisic. that's 2.2lbs of muscle a month! That means that in a year you'd be 2st heavier, and it would only be muscle! That more than optomistic, that downright unrealistic. The best way to bulk up is to eat a diet consisting of 10% fat, 30% carbs and 60% protein. do restrictive weight training on all parts of your body, legs, chest, back, arms, abs, shoulders and split them up over the week with the weekend off, work them with a weight that you can only lift for a maximum of 10 reps, go for four sets of 10, once you can do this, up the weight and repeat. I'm only being basic here, but I'll find an article on with all the exact details. but don't listen to toners advice, it'll just turn you fat, fat is a third of the weight of muscle,
toner Newbie 11 posts
nathan, true if your not trainin u will put on fat or if the diet is full of high fat foods BUT it takes energy to build muscle. energy is calories therefore u need to build up a defecit. if your training and eating correctly you will not put on fat, especially if hes doing cardio too. i'm getting my info from a sports nutritionists book Anita bean "food for fitness" I appologise it takes 3500 cals 2 build 1/2 kg but if your diet is incorrect you will not gain w8.
if ur doin w8s u should change your workouts every 4-6 weeks because your body will adapt.
After training aim to consume about 1g of carbs/kg of body weight (this will replenish glycogen stores and stop ur body breaking down ur muscles to gain the energy back)

I admit I aint a body builder im a boxer and use weights off season to build strength - i tried this method and it worked for me so.........
i'm aware tho that what works for 1 may not necesarily work for another.

egs of Foods with carbs
pastas, potatoes, rice, fruit

egs of foods with protein
fish, white meat eg chicken, turkey LEAN red meat

when doing w8s technique is the most important thing, dont cheat by throwing the weight, if u cant perform the technique properly lower the weigt and dont wory about that juice head in the corner liftin ridiculous amounts :-p

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alski Regular 73 posts
cheers for the info,does my intake of protein e.g 2g per k.g. of body weight need to be daily?
toner Newbie 11 posts
you should aim for it but dnt worry about it if u dnt quite reach it make sure ur getn atleast 1.4

if your nt goin 2b weight training i would suggest you only need about 1.4-1.7

the easiest way to try to ensure ur diet is right is by eating good wholesome food, get rid of all the chocolates and processed foods and stay away from fizzy drinks theyr meant to be bad for ur joints i personally dnt like em neway.
swap white bread for whole meal bread, white rice for brown rice and if u can do the same with the pasta. have FRESH fruit as a snack instead of a chocolate bar, still allow yourself a treat tho because otherwise you will end up goin on a binge-something i have jus done!
cut of the fat when your having lean meat, although the body needs some fats the fats in fat is saturated which basically means the body cant use it for nething

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