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Samurai Tedrik Newbie 5 posts
Hi all

I'm currently studying TJJ and enjoying it very much! BUT, I used to study karate and i don't think that jujitsu (whether it's my class or jujitsu in general) covers enough striking/kicking.

I don't know whether to start up karate again alongside this or try out Wing Chun, i've been looking into it and Wing chun looks interesting with the hand conditioning and wooden dummy training...

I know it's mixing japanese and chinese arts but who cares. They all have their benefits. What do you guys think?
Yours in Budo
alski Regular 73 posts
have you thought about Thai or kickboxing?
Samurai Tedrik Newbie 5 posts

Yeah i thought about Muay Thai. But i'm not really a big guy and i'm not into pumelling eachothers brains out. I like technical actions and movements.
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alski Regular 73 posts
crazy fool i aint gettin on no plane!
I'm not a big fella either,the lads on this forum seem to prefer thai/kickboxing.I'm gonna start hopfully in a couple of weeks.Got my first session of tjj tomorow nite after a break of three months :-D
Samurai Tedrik Newbie 5 posts
You're going to start Muay Thai? I really don't think i could handle it. I'd get too mad when i get hit and bang a wristlock on them!


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Robsco 1319 posts
Firstly welcome to the site, always good to see new people posting instead of just viewing. :-)

As for your comments about TJJ, yeah there's not as much striking as in, say Karate, but when you're in a 'situation' you don't have time for the pretty kata's. Atleast TJJ is aimed more at practical self-defence.

I'm sure you've had Karate instructors telling you what works 'on the street', but until you've actually been there, it's their word against no-body elses, unfortunately.

Give Thai Boxing a go, what do you have to lose? And it's not all crazy meat-heads! Probably a good idea to try your wrist locks too - no disrespect, but you'd struggle to get any kind of lock on against even a beginner at Muay Thai.

In my view, just try it, see what you learn.
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Samurai Tedrik Newbie 5 posts
Cheers for the advice dude. I think they do Muay Thai at my Dojo. it's like a martial arts centre with a few things on different nights. Even Wuzuquan in another room!

I'll give them a bell tonight and see what night and how much it is.

Is Muay Thai really as good as everyone says? I mean, to me it just looks kinda messy. What sort of conditioning do they do to make the kicks and punches so devastating?

I'm sure it's fantastic, but can anyone tell me why? Like first hand experiences?

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sl Resident 855 posts
Muay Thai is the best.... you will certainly struggle to get a wrist lock on i think itll be met with an elbow.....

Teh conditioning is similar to boxing training but with alot of leg work obviously..