Muay Thai-accompany Jujitsu!

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Samurai Tedrik Newbie 5 posts
Hey all, after my previous post and seeing as everybody LOVES Muay Thai i've decided to give it a go. Found a local gym just one minute from my office at work!

Can anyone who does Muay Thai or Muay Thai and jujitsu please give me an insight into what i'll be expecting?

C'mon guys. get posting! i know you all love Thai boxing.

Yours in Budo
sl Resident 855 posts
Usual stuff, stretches, warmup, shadow boxing (with elbows knees kicks etc) then some shadow techniques then some kicking, punching, kneeing and elbowing pads. Then usually followed by some sparring low contact usually with shin guards on / or not followed by warm down and some stretching...