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Nathan Addict 175 posts
Quickest way to improve conditioning...

Hey guys.

As you know, I done my knee in etc so have been very inactive. I'm still not able to train in MT or JJ. But I managed to fleece the doctor for a free gym pass! So I can try and build my hamstrings up to take to weight off my Anterior Cruciate Ligment.

But what I want to know is what's the quickest way to build up my conditioning. I get knackered going up the stairs nowadays. I gotta us machines that don't do my knee in. I been using that crosstrainer thing at the gym.

What's the best way?
Robsco 1319 posts
Should you really be trying to rush it? Surely it'd be better to take it slow?
The Admin Guy
Nathan Addict 175 posts
well, my the building up of the knee should be taken slowly. but the getting fit bit can't wait. i feel like a slob!
optimusdan Newbie 1 posts
The best way to rehab your knee is to use it.
if you want to exercise your upper body without effecting your knee try strand/cable pulling and pull ups
Ross Regular 100 posts
if you can use the cross trainer comfortably, then you could try doing half your sessions of say 45mins straight at a decent pace.

then your other sessions do say 5x5mins with a min rest(like a fight) at a fast pace.
sl Resident 855 posts
On another side to this im fully recovered now and want to get my conditioning up as quick as i can any ideas..... i really wanna get back on the mat next week or the week after but havent done anything for about four weeks..... aprt from eat... and drink... and generally slob out.......:-D
Nathan Addict 175 posts
yeah... something like that...:-D