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Drunken Master


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Friday 20th May 2005 at 15:10

Hello to all. I am new to this site and also to traditional JuJitsu.
(just ready for my first grading). i think that JJ is great and will never stop training, even tho my experince is minimal. i love it. but i was wondering, is it worth joining a jkd acadamy aswell as attend my JJ. will this help me become an efficient all round martial artist? Or does anybody know what jkd can offer me that JJ may not be able to? i feel that i would like to train what is or maybe my weak points. yor opinions are much valued. thanks




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Friday 20th May 2005 at 20:40

I haven't a wide experience of JJ, but from what I see of JKD there are avenues which TJJ and BJJ don't necessarily follow. The philosophy of JKD means that you should be able to cross-train like mad and incorporate these systems into your own personalised style. Hence the emphasis on things like eskrima and silat in some JKD schools would give you things which BJJ wouldn't give you. Also JKD (although I believe there are two schools of thought with JKD) by its philosophy should accept techniques from any source, so you shouldn't be bothered about an instructor saying you can't use a technique cos it aint 'pure' or from the system. Several JKD clubs I know of actually have several base arts running alongside the JKD progamme and your former experience is not usually something you have to downplay. Certainly worth a try.

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Monday 23rd May 2005 at 09:36

I would advocate Judo as opposed to Trad JJ (Judo is very tough and extremely physically demanding though so needs committment), BJJ to suplement the groundfighting side of judo which is far less technical / efficient than BJJ and for striking 'focus pad' training with someone who has a bit of boxing experience.

This combination will give you all the best bits that you would gain from JKD but without all the padding / non effective stuff.

To get good at MA in a reasonable period of time you cannot afford to have any 'wastage' in what you are training.

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Drunken Master


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Friday 27th May 2005 at 11:52

Cheers for the advice lads. i started a jkd acadamy this week, (on tuesday) and i have found it a really good eye opener for me. they do encourage cross training like you said and they dont mind you using you own style within something they teach you. other than the jkd-kali, i also attended the thai kickboxing(definate eye opener), and western boxing running alongside. they have other things going on but i havent been to them yet. tonight im gonna give the stick fighting lesson a try. i feel that these lessons will combine so well with the ju jitsu im doing, but i think that i just gotta be a little careful not to start getting confused with the styles......for example in the kickboxing lesson whe sparring i kept doing a ju jitsu s block when your ment to parry. lol .... oh well at least i know the s block would work ...:-))