Eurosport Okinawa Karate

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sl Resident 855 posts
Dont care if thats spelt wrong......:-D

Anyway see the demo of the above last weekend..... what sh** some man chopping baseball bats in half hahahahahaha... it was on fightclub.. it was an alright night till this cra* come on.

Robsco 1319 posts
Never saw it myself, but with a title like that, what else did you expect? :-p

What other cr*p came on exactly? Some guy snapping baseball bats sounds pretty cr*p to me in the first place! :-))
The Admin Guy
sl Resident 855 posts
It was shocking stuff some ten dan karate geezer took four goes at karate chopping this bat as it was swung at him.... another guy got punched in the stomach a few times to show how hard karate makes you. Apart from Karape it was a good fightclub night They had rumble on the rock on with a couple of gracies on the bill, BJ Penn beating Rodrigo it was alright and i think royler was on there aswell (although the alcohol had kicked in by then....):-p
Bren Addict 123 posts
I missed it too. If they were using 'Aluminium' bats I'd have made a point of watching.:-D
sl Resident 855 posts
hahaha good point..... :-p

Not sure if someone who is about to attack you with a baseball bat would allow you to start again .. hahahaha