Roger wins the whole lot

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andy Resident 729 posts
i am pissing myself at this thread.

my only beef with judo is that 'some' think it is the best grappling art when it is so constrained with too many rules.

judo cannot hang with bjj on the ground.

bjj cant hang with judo JUST standing.

in a grappling match, no time limit, limited rules, bjj will win.

a guy i train with is currently going for is black belt in judo, he is a blue belt in bjj, he has won all his judo matches by submission on the ground. so effectively he is getting his judo balck belt using bjj.

could you do the same with judo?? get a black belt in bjj using judo????
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Robsco 1319 posts
nice thought Andy, sure Seteve will have a lot to say and find some ways round everything you've just said - will it be in vain?
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steve Resident 217 posts
No I wont Rob, I agree with Andy, both Carl F and me won matches at our last grading using BJJ on the ground.

Unfortunately we only got 2 fights each, me drawn against Carl where he converted a 3rd attempt at a rear choke on me into an armbar, then I won my next fight when the bigger guy I was fighting fell to the floor on top of me, I pulled guard, scissor swept him, into an armbar which he sat up on so I reversed it (face down). Carl then won his second fight with a poor double leg which left them both on the ground and Carl took the back to sink in an RNC.

However if the guy throws you for Ippon straight off, then fight is over regardless of whether you keep hold and pull him to ground with you.

Different sports....different rules....said enough.:-D
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andy Resident 729 posts
dont get thrown!

pulling guard looks awfully like a failed tomi nagi (spelling) attempt
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