2012 judo squad

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andy Resident 729 posts
full squad available as we are the host nation, might see the first bjj based player in the british judo squad ;-)
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Bren Addict 123 posts
Are there any regular Judo fiends looking in?

What do "Traditional Judo" people think of BJJ?

Robsco 1319 posts
Wonder if Steve's gonna be working for it?
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sl Resident 855 posts
this someone on the forum in 2012 squad?
steve Resident 217 posts
I'm not good enough, but I train with a few young squad players who may well be.

I've advised one of the guys who is currently full time on a judo scholarship at Bath Uni, to seek out Escorrega at Bristol when he returns from the Mundials as a means to improve his groundwork skills.

Andy, have the Gracie Barra instructors ever thought of approaching the BJJ with a view to offering assistance to them, with Bath being close to GB Bristol, Walsall academy being close to GB brum....do you think the top guys could adapt a groundwork programme / strategy to suit the needs & rules limitations offered by judo?....would be a great showcase for BJJ if the BJA GB squad could improve their game as a result.
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andy Resident 729 posts
We hold classes at the budokwai, any of the judo players are welcome to come along, Ray Stevens often does.

We also have an instructor from the budokwai, who was on the french national squad (Darcell) teach classes at Rogers Academy, he has brought along british squad members.

As for a formal link, no.
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