Best MMA organization

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bobbleman Newbie 6 posts
Who do you guys think is the best MMA promotion in terms of fight quality? I reckon it's Pancrase, but that's just me.
sl Resident 855 posts
is pancrase an organistation or a martial art?
Robsco 1319 posts
I thought a MA, but obviously i was ill-informed. :-|
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andy Resident 729 posts
pancrase is a fight orgnisation in japan, it is also a form of ancient greek martial art.

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Bren Addict 123 posts
Is that Greek one the same as the Pancration (don't know if I've got the spelling right) which was an event in the ancient olympic games? It would be cool to see that in the modern olympics, the only rules were no biting and no eye-gouging or something like that.
Trey Regular 49 posts
that is just like ultimate fight night on spikeTV.... Quick Swick kicks ass.... TKO in 22seconds.
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