grading-time taken

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elkna Newbie 1 posts
how long does it take to
a) complete the individual belt gradings
b) Achieve a black belt
Bren Addict 123 posts
I imagine that it depends very much on the individual club/dojo/academy and who they may be associated with.

My dojo does gradings every 4 months and if you attend/train 2-3 times a week they usually "invite" you to grade at each grading if they deem you're likely to pass (until you get to brown - brown & white and brown & white - black, then you're looking at 8-12 months each). Some people can't make training more than once a week so they usually grade every 6-8 months.

I know of other club who only do gradings once a year no matter what belt you're on and another one who lets their people multi-grade, ie attain 2 or 3 belts at each grading all the way through to dan grade. Personally, I wouldn't feel I'd earned it if I went from white to black belt in such a short time.