"kicking while on the ground"

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Can you drive away with a snashed windscreen? The way the law works now you'd have been done for traffic crimes and theft of the guy's brake shoe.

My argument would be, what kind of normal person throws brake shoes at people. This suggests he is not mentally balanced or he is under the influence of something. this could be suggested by the fact it took five punches and a judo throw and he was still getting up with regards to eating your liver (so you can tell the police).

I was told that if you think you are in danger then it could be seen as reasonable force. Problem is that you might still end up in court. Does anyone recall what happened to Alfie Lewis? He was found innocent but it still ended up with him in court on a manslaughter charge.
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Robsco 1319 posts
This is such a shady subject, it would be good to get some professional police and/or laywers involved.
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Bren Addict 123 posts
Another thing to take into account is that Budoman is in the US. Their right under law to defend themselves is probably different from British law and may even vary from state to state.

Apparently in Hereford you're still allowed to shoot a Welshman with a longbow after dusk.
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Well I know what I'm doing this weekend then
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I think it has to be on a sunday and using a welshman as target practice to train a young man on a villiage green.
I know the rules of engagement vary depending on where when and why, but self defence and minimum force are what they say they are aren't they? That's why they're called that? :-|
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Can anyone offer me a lift from Newcastle?

Actually come to think of it, the missus lives there, I'll go visit the inlaws i think! :-D
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budoman Newbie 12 posts
Well, as far as leaving after someone through something through w my window. I wouldnt say that my life was in danger but what if I needed to get his info to pay for window? Should I have just left and reported it so nothing would ever happen about it. One thing I dont think I even mentioned before was that when I did get out he did throw another one at me.
spider Regular 235 posts
Well that sounds a lot more reasonable for your defense. You assumed that someone had lost their temper and vandalised your car, where upon you started out towards him to make a citizen's arrest and claim for the damage to your car. Unfortunately you discovered he was still in a rage, or possibly it was a personal attack, which gave you no course of action but to defend yourself in an attempt to detain the criminal.
It sounds like it's from the fifties, but in this country you can still make a citizen's arrest, and I'll assume you still can in the states. A TJJ hold down would've looked more favourable when the cops arrived than a concussed guy with teeth missing giving out your description and claiming to be a victim once they got him to a hospital bed.
Drunken Master Newbie 19 posts
after doing a little search and reading through, you are allowed to use reasonable force to protect yourself, others and your property. but to claim it was an act of self-defence you can only use force equal to that of the attacker. you protected your property, and yourself. that was self defence. but as soon as you kicked him in the head whilst on the ground you became the aggressor.(so they say!). in america i also read that it is legal to use a pre-emptive strike if thought to be in danger. but i cant see anything like that in the uk laws. but as i said ive only done a ten minute search. me personally ive been in a similar situation before, some1 started on me on a night out. i dont even know why. haha i mean one minute im laughing and joking about, next thing theres a geezer swinging. haha. why me. but anyway he took me by total suprise, i started swinging back. he went down and was quickly rising. and i thought fuck me. this dude is gonna chin me when he gets up. so in a fearful panic i kicked him in the head a few times. im only a small person, he was big. it was probably only luck he went down in the first place. but i thought, and still think that he deserved it. i mean i think he was one of these that just likes to go round beating people up coz he has run out of toothpaste or something. i hate violence, i do everything to aviod it, and i feel so sorry for victims of that slap happy shit also. like that boy of sixteen who was stabbed to death by a 14 year old while 20 other fu!*ers videod it on there mobile phones. thats happened just round the corner from me. how would you sort that one out if you was walking past?what be reasonable force then? you just cant win? if you try to help, you could do something that would see you on your way to jail. that 14 year old will only probably do a couple of months in a young offenders institue. sorry to go on, but it really makes me angry. i dont know if im getting wiser or there are just more and more crazy people on the streets now that honestly dont mind taking your life. they'l only do a couple of years in prison. i just say sod the law. its all a load of cobblers written by people who dont know what its like living on down and out council estates. if you can leg it. leg it. but if forced into a nasty situation, only you can keep yourself alive. it sounds like an american movie. but its all true.
budoman Newbie 12 posts
Well i spoke with my instructor on this and he said," Is he alive?" I said "yes". He said," There are no rules to a street fight." I guess thats good enough for me.