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Kieran Regular 107 posts
How are you all.I,ve been away for a while and i,m trianing five nights a week doing tjj,bjj and a bit of wjjf stuff.

Althought I enjoy it and i,m completely dedicated i,ve been having a few problems with my joints espically my knees.

I would or should probaly slow down a bit but i,ve a grading in the next few weeks and would like to keep my self up to standard.But anyway i,m a bit of track.

If anyone can give me any help or advice with my joints problem I would very much appreicated it.

Hope you are doing well and hopefully I catch up with you all soon.

I was at a Gracie semiar a few weeks ago.Five hours trianing almost straight.It was brillant you only think you know your stuff.The techingues where unbelieveably and they where really good fun and easy to get on with.

Anyway enough of my dribble i,ll catch you all soon:-D
Robsco 1319 posts
I have a question, why is your ' displayed as a ,?

Has someone switched the keys around on your keyboard? :-D
The Admin Guy
Bren Addict 123 posts
Good question (Kieran's that is). Some people swear by Glucosamine Sulphate - anyone know anything about it?
sl Resident 855 posts
do you wear knee pads when you train ? Does anyone?
Sweaty Gi Moderator 120 posts
Only when I'm on me wheel