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jikishin ju jitsu

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Drunken Master


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Tuesday 27th September 2005 at 19:32

Does anybody on here study jikishin ju jitsu? if so is there anyone competing in november at southend? And who knows what is the difference with other styles of ju jitsu?




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Thursday 29th September 2005 at 12:39

Jikishin are tied in with the BJJA are they not?

My lot were looking at changing to BJJA for recognition and to raise the clubs profile but the BJJA have a lot of demands that did not impress too much.

It would have cost everyone twice as much insurance, new (official BJJA) gis all round, BJJA first aid courses and BJJA Martial Arts NVQs (WTF) for Dan grades.

I realise that the BJJA are a big organisation with a lot of members who are more than happy with them but personally I'd rather spend my cash on training rather than merchandise.

(Apologies to any BJJA members, no offence intended)


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Thursday 29th September 2005 at 14:44

Isn't that kinda better training tho? with proper first aid courses and NVQ's?

The Admin Guy



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Thursday 29th September 2005 at 16:24

Good point Rob.

What I'm trying to say is, why insist on people completing "your" first aid course if they already have first aid qualifications and as for NVQs, I had to do an NVQ assessors course for work which was more about rubber stamping paperwork than teaching or testing ability. THe old adage, NVQ = Not Very Qualified. Just a money making scheme for accountants.
Surely it's part of any grading (at higher grades) not just to check people can do techniques but are also capable of explaining and teaching them to lower grades.

Drunken Master


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Thursday 29th September 2005 at 18:11

its all cool. i wouldnt really see them as trying to make as much money as they can.especially after working (well i worked there a few days) for a company called 'GKR karate'. now there is one big profit organisation.have you ever heard of them? what a load of crap.

but other than the bjj side of things, are there other factors? ive been looking through the techiniques section, and it seems that the techniques shown and the ones ive learnt are the same but in some cases different order, or sometimes different strikes to the same moves.

is one style of ju jitsu more aggressive than others? or considered better than others?




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Thursday 29th September 2005 at 20:25

I`m with the BJJA. The only merchandise required is the badge. It is nice to know that the organisation is run correctly, with instructors who "sing off the same hymn sheet". Due to the large amount of kids, all instruction is given by police checked people. This sort of organisation may cost a bit more than the independants, but i think it`s worth it. We all think our way is best, and it must be difficult to loose control. Maybe the benefits out weigh the negatives. Individual choice.




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Friday 30th September 2005 at 07:18

Drunken master, think it depends on the trainer.. A club i went to had a few different sites around liverpool and one sensai put strikes high on the training where as others never.... depends on the sensai...