Is this compulsary ??

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Bee Regular 33 posts
I asked a friend what she knew about Brazilian. She said something about having your "Sack and Crack" waxed. Wooow is this compulsary? Some kind of innitiation ceremony perhaps ?
Can you confirm........Eh..No pictures please. :-)):-O
Meijin Newbie 1 posts
Dude what u thinkin unless ur in the porno industry avoid it lol or if u wana w8 until ur mates fall asleep and stick sum duck tape where it hurts and leave it there that way they have to take it off themselves:-D:-p:-));-) so no
Robsco 1319 posts
Each to their own I say. :-O
The Admin Guy
Bronski Newbie 7 posts
:-)) Bee, your friend has a fantastic sense of humour!

If at first you don't suceed,
Robsco 1319 posts
Or a nasty painful one!

(not speaking of experience mind!)
The Admin Guy