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sparda Newbie 1 posts
does any one know of any compititions in or near sheffield for kids
Robsco 1319 posts
There's normally a groundfighting competition in Dewsbury that has a kids section.

I also remember there being a ju-jitsu club in Sheffield (probably around the Manor) that did go to loads of comps, although a family did come in to Castle BBA (Meersbrook) when I was working there, the whole family trained at this other club but they wouldn't take on 4yr olds, we did, but the 4 year old girl was swearing like a trooper - kinda gives an idea on the families who go there. When her mum asked her to show me her kicks she literally told her mum to f*ck off! :-o

Castle BBA didn't go for proper ju-jitsu competitions.

Try asking at Ponds Forge to see if they put stuff on at anytime.
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