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alurwin Newbie 9 posts
Hi folks,
Just seen that Robs now left my old home town of Newcastle to move down to Nottingham. I'm currently stuck up very very far North (Aberdeen) and there is no legit BJJ or MMA that i can find - any ideas anyone?
Was going to ask about training when i get back for the Summer to Newcastle - I'll be there for about 8 weeks - reckon its worth giving speedy's a try? Where abouts is it?

Cheers for all the help

Robsco 1319 posts
Deffo give Speedy's place a visit, on Station Road in Wallsend, at the Wallsend Boys Club.

Not sure about where you are tho, have you tried looking on SFUK? I thought there was a place actually in Aberdeen?
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alurwin Newbie 9 posts
Cheers Rob, will def go along and give speedys place a try. Do you know what nights he does it on or if there are any contact details for him?

I've foind this place on the net for aberdeen - may give it a shot
Not sure how much crack it'll be - the standard up here is pretty poor!

Robsco 1319 posts
Not sure what nights they train, but they also do some classes at the East End Gym in Byker, although i think that's for the Thai Boxing.

Ask around on SFUK for contact details.
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