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sl Resident 855 posts
[link=http://www.bullshido.net/modules.php?s=8bdb867094b940eadd9d206f3caef4a4&name=News&file=showarticle&threadid=33072]Mc Dojo stripped[/link]
andy Resident 729 posts
the GKR guys are actually a McDojo as well
"no weapon formed against me shall prosper"
sl Resident 855 posts
yeah did seem like when reading it!!
Articranger Newbie 8 posts
do u know runescape
Kieran Regular 107 posts
Yes I know i,m going to get critised for this comment. But I would like to see any instructor or student or any other representive trying to remove a belt from me forcefully.

Maybe if they just asked and explained why then it would be concidered coutrous and more resonable. Are not all supposed to display a little humilty and respect:-|