Which martial arts ?

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Monkey Balls Regular 44 posts
Which martial arts have you tried ?
Pros, cons, how did they compare ?
sl Resident 855 posts
Boxing - Enjoyed it good fitness but dont like being hit anymore!
Thai Boxing - As above still do a bit!
Tradit JJ - Enjoyed it but taught unrealistic and strikes pants! (depends on club / trainer though)
Karate - :-|
Brazi. JJ - Love it, best thing ever done.
Bren Addict 123 posts
Just TJJ for me, although until recently the training syllabus was mostly grappling based with groundwork techniques, "borrowed" from BJJ, heavily outnumbering traditional throws.

How do injury rates differ in different MAs? I've had trouble with one of my heels for the last few weeks following a hard session of throws. ' Been told it's "policemans heel" whatever that is, haven't seen the quack yet.
sl Resident 855 posts
i got thrown a while back in and my lower back hurts now after heavy training session.

But dont really have any serious injuries to stop me from training..
Robsco 1319 posts
I've had the lower-back pain before, plus 'cracking' my solar-plexus thingy - gets hard to breathe, one big stretch and it pops back. Although that's back to normal now.
The Admin Guy
sl Resident 855 posts
the lower back things come and go been alright for a bit can hurt sometimes when i wake up!!!!! :-D
spider Regular 235 posts
The lower back thing can be helped with warm ups and stretching outside of training. I found a workout designed to help lower backs that I can't explain on here, but was in the men's health weight free workout book.
Another thing is checking your posture when sitting, don't slouch, fix broken sofas and mattresses. Since I learned how to throw properly (keeping my back straight instead of straining it bend over) and started rowing and running regularly, I've not had trouble.
The heel thing
During ground sparring, someone used my eye socket as a pivot point, my ear was touching my shoulder and I think I locked my body straight in panic as my heel slammed onto the wooden floor off of the mat. Now although there is no visable swelling, the only thing to cure this was the old Rest Ice Compression Elevation thing.
Although I too waited too long for the ice and compression to have any effect, you may well find that walking about is fine, but it is painful when you first get up from sitting. This is due to the injury site filling with fluid, so lay down with your foot higher than you as often as you can.:-D
spider Regular 235 posts
Oh yes, the subject. Any martial arts where you don't actually fight someone, you can expect all the same injuries and fighting abilities associated with line dancing.:-)
CoreyL Regular 27 posts
Boxing-Nice footwork, love the emphasis on sparring
Arnis-Love stick work, looking forward to training again in the future
Muay Thai-Great emphasis on conditioning, "science of the eight limbs" = Great striking, many angles to attack/defend.
JKD-Sure, it was all reading books and practicing alone, but I took alot from it and have put it to good use. Economical, smart.
Ju-Jitsu-More of a MMA/Self defence class, best thing I've ever done. Love how it works all ranges, makes you use your brain more than anything.
Ketto Ryu Ju-Jitsu