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Monkey Balls


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Wednesday 5th April 2006 at 01:25

I'm thinking of taking up judo. Has anybody tried it ?




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Thursday 6th April 2006 at 09:08

I still want to find a judo gym and have a go myself but busy busy!!! maybe in a few months.




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Saturday 8th April 2006 at 15:48

I took up Judo in December, got my first belt in March. I enjoy it, lots of fun and keep fit. I chose Judo as there are no BJJ classes that are suitable for me, I can now compete in a sport so that I have an incentive to get fitter and stay that way and represent the RAF in. The latter leads to time off work to train, and good reports, hopefully leading to promotion.
Judo is a sport, it has self defense aspects to it, but it is viewed more as a sport/game than a martial art. For the self defense aspect, girls wanting to learn how not to get raped, you will get to actually grapple with men in a fight, and it is second only to BJJ.
The best bit about Judo as a martial art, is that you actually get to fight someone. With Aikido and TJJ, you find sometimes people are letting you lock them/submitting when it isn't actually working properly. This luckily I found when play fighting with friends, had I found out I'd not been performing locks properly in a real fight, it may well have been serious. With a full competitive sport, this very unlikely to happen.