Need Another Vote Question...

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Robsco 1319 posts
Any sugestions?
The Admin Guy
Bren Addict 123 posts
How about "Favourite MA film" or "Martial Artist/Actor"
Robsco 1319 posts
Consider it done, should be a good one, any suggestions for the options?
The Admin Guy
Sweaty Gi Moderator 120 posts
Kung Pow ?

Fu Jow Regular 39 posts
DEFINITELY "Ong Bak", or any other Tony Jaa movie like "Tom young goong" should be on the list. Um...fist of legend, enter the dragon, the original drunken master with jackie chan, Marked for Death (you know it was entertaining), fists of fury? Those are all list worthy. Although I have never seen a movie with extensive ju jitsu in it.
Chuck Norris doesn't sleep. He
Kieran Regular 107 posts
Your worst DO JO experience and why?