Hardest Move

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John28469 Newbie 4 posts
What is the hardest move for me its the Indian Death Lock!!!

John28469 Newbie 4 posts
I agree the indian death lock is dangerous and difficult to pull off!!!
Robsco 1319 posts
WTF are you on about pal?
The Admin Guy
Bren Addict 123 posts
Hardest move?

Putting my trousers on in the morning while still intoxicated from the previous nights binge-drinking.

What's with the pic? A bit off the wall that lad.
Monkey Balls Regular 44 posts
Surely its trying to get the key in the door the night before ?
sl Resident 855 posts
is that a metaphor for soemthing else?;-)
Articranger Newbie 8 posts
do u know runecape
Kieran Regular 107 posts
Not into anything to kinky myself. Thought this was a ma site:-p