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guitargod0902 Newbie 10 posts
here's a fun one.

If u could choose any of these attributes to improve your fighting or ju jitsu which would it be and why?

.longer length of legs and arms
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sl Resident 855 posts

Does hight matter in BJJ?
Monkey Balls Regular 44 posts

I'd say being taller can work for and against you, although there's not much in it.

Have longer limbs makes it easier to control your opponent and apply submissions, i.e. guard, triangles, kimuras. But its also easier for your opponent to get a submission. And taller people tend to have nice long chokable necks ;-)
Fu Jow Regular 39 posts
Definitely skill, i think Royce Gracie showed us that skill in the techniques of ju jitsu can make the difference between pulling off
a technique, or simply getting ur ass kicked...ju jitsu itself demands the correct application of moves which would otherwise be weak and futile.

Btw...why do you guys think that traditional jj only has the static reverse punch? they never use a lunge punch?
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