krav maga

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alski Regular 73 posts
hi everyone,are we all o.k? ive been invited to go on a krav maga course tomorow which i'm looking forward was developed for the israeli armed forces for close quarter combat apparently some techniques are based around jujitsu.i'll let you know how it goes next time i get chance to go online.anyone else had any krav maga training?
Robsco 1319 posts
Sounds interesting, let us know if ya get blown up. :-p
The Admin Guy
alski Regular 73 posts
hey i didnt get blown up,which is nice!:-)) it was a 5 hour seminar held in ellsmere port in cheshire.i went with a mate of mine from the mma club(which has now stopped.thats another story altogether).i had a wicked time,krav maga is just no nonsense street self defence.we only did the civilian side of it,threat evaluation,fear managment,blocking,striking and escaping a couple of strangle holds.if anyone gets the chance to try it i'd reccomend it.