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Nathan Addict 175 posts
Hi Guys,

If you remember, I had to have a big op to have my knee rebuilt. Well, I've had the op, and all went well and I can return to contact sports as soon as I can build my leg up as big as possible, which I'm now in the process of doing.

But as you can guess, my fitness sucks at the moment. So I wanna build it up MA specific.

I wanna do cardio on the skiing machine as it's best for my joints. I wanna do bursts on it as if they're rounds. So my question is this. How many rounds in an MMA fight and how long do they allow between rounds for rest? I'm starting Kickboxing before I go to BJJ, so i'd prefer kickboxing suggestions, but all are welcome.

Cheers guys...
Bren Addict 123 posts
Will your knee be ok for putting in knee-strikes? (or is that just in Muay Thai?)
Robsco 1319 posts
Will you your knee be okay this soon? That's my first question,

As for MMA rounds, they're usually 2-3 minute bouts with a 1-2 minute break. I can't say for sure since I won mine in the first round (no hanging around! :-D)

It still sounds like you're running like a bull at a gate tho!

You sure it's safe to be back 'heavy' (MMA) training so soon?

Obviously you'd love to be doing it, but it seriously could f*ck things right up if you go diving in so soon after a major op.

I wouldn't worry about exercise for an MMA fight for now. The only real exercise you get for that is actually doing it at your local club.

Just work on getting youself back up to full strength in all areas.

There's no specific muscle you need for MMA.

Ya make it sound like that's what you're after? It's all in the training and fighting various opponents, hopefully in a friendly environment.

Glad to have you back on the site tho, a big welcome back. :-)
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Monkey Balls Regular 44 posts
amateur mma fights are usually 2-3min rounds going up to 5 mins at pro level (ufc, kotc, pride etc...) with 1 or 2 mins break between rounds
sl Resident 855 posts
Do a lot of stretches on it (physio shown you?) and get down a BJJ gym youll be amazed how quick your cardio builds up...
Nathan Addict 175 posts
I can't do no contact stuff yet... that'll be at the end of the year. I'm aiming to start back training in the new year! I'll just work on my fitness. I'm pretty strong at the moment, just my quad on my injued leg needs to be built up loads to stop it happening again. Think i'll focus on fitness and core work for a bit?