modifying technique

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"the modern juko ryu system"... hmmm, doesn't sound modern enough in my opinion if you're starting to modify techniques so soon!

Does anyone else have this problem? Even if it's not a Ju-Jitsu club.
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Hopefully, a good instructor would help adjust a technique when he saw the reason you were having difficulty.
A modern instructor with an open mind would be willing to help, a coach would make adjustments immediately.

The majority of the time however, the instructor insists 'his' techniques work, you're not doing it right. This is despite there being obviously wrong, like your arms are too short for a lock to work etc. The student tries their best to please, but secretly tells themselves to never try the technique in a fight. Learn what you can from pig headed instructors, then move on.
wee steve Newbie 12 posts
The fact is that not every technique will work on every opponent because everyone is different. For example why try to hip throw a fat person? they are obviously going to be top heavy so why not leg throw them. Again the same could be said about height if someone is to tall for you a shoulder arm lock is not an option. Learning to apply techniques is good but i think you have to understand when a technique is appropriate wether you are on the ground or standing. I f a technique doesn't work in training there's no chance of it working in the street it's that simple, this is true for any martial arts system.
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It's still pretty cool when you hip throw a fat person, I swear you can actually see their rib cage collapse as the wind in knocked out of them.

A few more KGs on my squats and I might start shoulder wheeling them.