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shameless Newbie 4 posts
Hi, i have recently started studying japanese jujitsu, but im still not very good!
I was just wonderin how long on average it takes until you start to get good at the techniques?
Any answers are appreciated. Thanks
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CoreyL Regular 27 posts
To add a simple technique to your arsenal, such as the Kotegaeshi, can come as quick as 1 class, but to fully understand the concept of how it works and why, to be able to apply it in a hundred different ways, can take years.
Ketto Ryu Ju-Jitsu
sl Resident 855 posts
Just keep turning up and maybe walk through the moves at home youll be surprised at how much you actually know.

spider Regular 235 posts
Yeah, spend a little time at home, studying what you did that night will seriously cut down the time it takes to learn things.
Usually people spend half the next class time trying to remember the things they did last time. Taking the time to get it straight in your head outside of class, will greatly improve your ability to learn in class.
To answer your question, people vary a lot. However there is nothing better than high attendence and enthusiasm to get you there quickly.
sl Resident 855 posts
i always found if you show willing the instructor will show more willing towards you and help you out...
Bren Addict 123 posts
From personal experience, when I took up MA, most of what I was learning was completely new to me and so (having no sense of rythmn or dexterity) I had to break the techniques down and think my way through each one.
eg. right hand there, left hand there, right foot, left foot, turn to the right etc.....(sounds a bit like the Hokey-Cokey).
After a while you'll find that you start to move, block, strike etc without thinking where to put your hands and feet.

As the lads have said, it will all come with time and practice. Don't start putting yourself down if you don't pick everything up straight away. Enjoying what you're doing is the key to sucess.

As long as I'm enjoying myself I don't really care if I'm that good at it straight away (ask my girlfriend). ;-)
Robsco 1319 posts
Spider got it spot-on, spend time at home after the session just going through what you've learnt that day, no doubt you'll have forgotten stuff already, but the stuff that totally fresh in your head will stay there if you keep going through it everynight.

An average class is probably between 1 and 2 hours long, and in that time you'll get shown lots of different things to keep you interested and not get bored of the same stuff. The problem with that is, if you wait till the next session, as Spider said, you'll have forgotten loads of it.
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shameless Newbie 4 posts
Yeah i've been going through the stuff in my head but i do tend to forget!
I'm just going to stick at it and start doin my belts.
Thanks for all your help guys.
Veni , Vidi , Vici
sl Resident 855 posts
best way shameless just turn up.... the rest is easy... :-D