Kimura escapes

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shameless Newbie 4 posts
Hi just wonderin if anybody can help me out with any escapes from a kimura when ive been mounted? I got caught with it at the end of the lesson and didnt have time to ask the instructor!
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sl Resident 855 posts
If your Gi you can grab your belt to defend then just try and work your way out from there (hang on maybe theyll get bored)... Hard though if they have your arm locked.

Dont get mounted......;-)
andy Resident 729 posts
if mounted - bridge so he goes to guard and defend from there.

if side control, bring the knee thats on the same side as the kimura'd arm in between you and his arm and use it to break the grip.
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shameless Newbie 4 posts
Cheers for the tips lads i tried them tonight - good stuff!
We dont wear gi's sl, its more of a mma class than bjj or tjj. Thanks any way though!
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maximusfirst Spectator 1 posts
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spider Regular 235 posts
Brilliant sl.

What you should've done, is not get mounted, take their back, then choke them out. Easy. It's how I do it.

Seriously, as Andy says, if you're mounted and they're trying to get a kimura on you, both their arms are tied up. Make sure you don't let them post with their leg and a sweep should be easy. Like any escape, you need to see it coming and act quick.