Something for the ladies.

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Bee Regular 33 posts
Ladies. I`m having problems keeping my Gi white. We all perspire a tad during training, but even when my Gi is clean it looks a bit minging.
Your expertise would be welcolmed.
sl Resident 855 posts
Why just the ladies? Buy a blue one! haha
rotters Newbie 2 posts
buy some of that stain remover you can buy a really big pink tub. put it in your washing as well as washing powder.

Bee Regular 33 posts
You see ! Replies from other blokes. I`ve tried the obvious solutions stain remover...salt. With no joy. Back off lads, this needs a womans touch. Come on girls give me your best shot.
Robsco 1319 posts
How about a touch of Bleach in the wash?

(this doesn't make me a lady)
The Admin Guy
spider Regular 235 posts
Buy and new one and make sure everyone washes their hands before fighting you.
Lyndsey Newbie 10 posts
If your Gi doesn't have any cloured stripes, badges etc on it then i'd try bleach.

Now i can't remember what it is my mum used to use on sweat marks, something which i thought was absolutely rediculous but it actually worked,.. don't quote me on this but I *think* it was vinegar :? ,.. doubt it would do any harm if it isn't the right thing, just remember to wash it out or yoou realy will stink :-))
Bee Regular 33 posts
Thanks for the suggestion. I`ll try vinegar on a small area first. If it doesn`t work i will add some tomato sauce and eat the damn thing. I will let you know the results.
Lyndsey Newbie 10 posts
Hey, got bored and decided to look up if what i said was right or not,... you might find this site usefull

if you can actually be bothered reading it there are several different suggestions to removing sweat stains, and a couple oof them do involve Vinegar,.. so i was right, in parts at least lol
ninja9578 Regular 92 posts
I never had trouble with sweat stains, but whenever I got a new belt it would leave a ring about my uniform. I use oxyclean and it takes all the stripes out of it. I know it's safe because I have embroydering and badges on it and they still look fresh.
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