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New Do jo Or stay where I am

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Saturday 11th November 2006 at 18:24

I've been trianing with the same club for a number of years and they are now going to affiate to a larger organistion who seem to be money mad. The money isnt a problem if your getting the teaching. But i,ve noticed recently that i'm doing the same stuff week in and week out yet because of an uncomfortable uneasiness with a certain Sensi at times I feel i,m been restricted or held back to the point students that started trianing after me have graded past me.

But in the meantime a Sensi in another style has approached me who I know is good friends with my old grandmaster has asked me to come accross and trian with there club. The Grandmasters friend also hinted that I was owed a few gradings and I know he always had alot of confidence in me.

But if I moved there would be no way I would be welcome in my present club again. The usual egos and politics. So the question is should I move and take the gamble or stick with the devil I know and get more bored and frusterated than I already am.

What do youse think?



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Sunday 12th November 2006 at 11:39

if your not learning anything new its time to move on..




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Tuesday 14th November 2006 at 23:13

I think you need to be enjoying your training so if your bored and frustrated it might be time to move

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Thursday 16th November 2006 at 17:17

Can't you go to both clubs for a couple of weeks,.. then make your decision??? But from the sounds of it, I'd move on....