using momentum in takedowns

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bootlegrrider Newbie 7 posts
i have a few big guys in my class including my teacher and i need a few tips on using their size against a slight 5' 2" and im the new girl to boot so anytips on using thier monentum against them in a take down and any other tips for a small person to use on the big guys. Later Days thanx
Angry Regular 88 posts
i dont mean tosound rude but whats your takedown experience, then i can gieadvie n stuff you know. "Bad weather all the time"
"Bad weather all the time"
bootlegrrider Newbie 7 posts
my experience wellz its embarasing to say not much and im not to good. i have a realy bad standing base on knee i usually jumpn'drop in to guard or sweep but im never able to get low on them standing.and using my arms to defend is my big problem they get a hold of me n im doomed so there u go.
later days.
steve Resident 217 posts
Translation please???

"Its not the size of the dog in the fight, its the size of the fight in the dog"
"Its not the size of the dog i
Liquid Dog Newbie 1 posts
Move more laterally, for one then for another since you are so short try a soto makikomi or any makikomi for that matter let them grab your lapel then go for it just be sure to really commit to it and move in quick and really pop it. on the ground dont give up to a defensive position so quickly, you should be faster then them keep moving and dont get comfortable on you back in guard, work you legs around their face so the you can free up your arms, use you feet as hands, for choking and arm bars. hope that helped
andy Resident 729 posts
and the prize for making least sense goes to ....................... wrong.......liquid dog pain is temporary, pride is forever.
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anaconda Newbie 2 posts
for smaller people women in particular you need to remember you are weaker then them, dont fool yourself. but dont take it for failure either. my wife is only 5'2" and she is getting god at this. What you need to do is use their momentum againdt them. liquid dog had the right idea but alot of confusion too. as they move at you take them down and either roll them over you or spin them (think sideways movements)this will be effective as it will take them down and give you a beter chance of ending on top
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You do not truly know some one
bootlegrrider Newbie 7 posts
ok explain the makikomi i havnt heard of that one yet
jujitsu2004 Newbie 13 posts
Yeh i'm in a similar (but not quite the same) position as you are - however i'm 5'9, 10.5 stone, and a guy - most of the guys in my class are 6'2-4 and weight roughly 15-18 stone - almost a 2 thirds of my weight (most are fat b*st*rds!).

When i first started i found it hard, but i realised if i dropped my centre of gravity, got my arse on level, or below their waist level (tricky but effective), and useing the 'windmill effect' to deflect their energy and to wind them around your body/trip/takedown puts them in kazushi (off-blanace) and makes it easier.
Hope this helps, give it a go - it can't hurt to try!
jc3693 Newbie 1 posts
If Your Short But Still Strong Then Try Getting Yourself under there Center of Gravety and flip them over, if you hold them You'll end up on Top. Works For me.