Mixing Martial arts

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Kieran Regular 107 posts
I have been trianing in TJJ but in the last year the club has moved over and joined World Ju-jitsu fedration. I dont mind there style as alot of techniques are done from a boxers punch(Stance). But some of the stuff is a bit flashy and a bit over kill which I couldn't see relying on in the street.
I'm combing this with full contact kickboxing under Paddy Toland (former world kickboxing champion) two nights a week.
I'm also doing akido class on a sunday.
Unfortunaetly we have no BJJ or Mauy Thai here in Derry. But i've recently been told of a kung fu class starting near by. I was wondering what your thoughts would be. Kickboxing or Kung fu
Fu Jow Regular 39 posts
Honestly...it depends what style of kung fu it is...if it is a style like wing chun, hung gar or another combat oriented style, then yes that would be a good choice...but if it is wushu or white crane or "monkey style" or something...the majority of the techniques will do you no good in a fight. if that's the case then stick with the kickboxing
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Kieran Regular 107 posts
Thanks for the advice mate. I went down to check the kung fu out.
The sensi was bold and brash on a bit of an ego trip. He didnt seem to have a syalabus or a trianing method and his students seemed to trian on aggression being fired up. It s not my type of trianing or club although I wouldn't judge all clubs in this light. But Akido and WJJ seems to trian you in looking for weaknesses,exploiting weakness,staying calm and focused and controlling your breathing and has a natural flow to it.
I can understand that in kickboxing you need a competive edge but this guy struck me as a nutter. I've always believed that if you don't have complete faith and respect in your Sensi then it's time to leave.
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Blackout Newbie 5 posts
Exactly with what I have been looking for which I still have not been able to find around my area due to me not being close enough to one of the more bigger centers like Vancouver or Toronto though I am near Kamloops.