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Jasper Spectator 20 posts

I've recently started training Ju-Jitsu traditional style and intend to study BJJ. I've practised a stylised form of Muay Thai and Kickboxing since 1994. My intentions of training Ju-Jitsu is to add some groundwork elements into my routine..Ultimately I hope to amalgamate the two diciplines into one, and hopefully produce a form of Martial Arts that will offer the practicioner good all round self defence mechanism.
I know this may sound like shootfighting but IMHO shootfighting is a ring sport and relies on mats - real world scenario, there is a lot of hard surfaces and this does slightly limit what anyone one person can do. Ok fair enough there are a variety of locks and holds, again real world situation against multiple attacks, this is where I see an opening for in the first instance a hybrid system one that includes mixing Muay Thai with weapons training.
I do have my doubts about this but my gut instincts tell me Im doing the right thing.

Robsco 1319 posts
Hmmmm, so you're inventing MMA then? but with weapons?

MMA has been around for years, and that's what you'll see fighting in the UFC and Pride.

Not sure how you can build weapons into it tho.
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Jasper Spectator 20 posts
Hmmmm...No, weapons based meaning the option to use weapons as part of the routines/kata could be adapted to fit in with the punching and kicking routines.

You could eg. use knives - The hold being adapted to allow for punching and following with forward or reverse slashing techniques to disable any muscles/tendons and to follow through elbow/knee techniques to further disable.

Also the knife could be used to stab and purchase a grip so the practisioner could again use this as extra leverage to again follow through with a series of techniques be that Muay Thai/Kickboxing or Ju-Jitsu.

Not very many situation like this on the street.In a multiple attack situation as a hard martial art something like the above may prove effective.

In a softer form many forms of Martial Arts have used weapons only to become diluted through the years to become the martial arts we see today..IMHO
ninja9578 Regular 92 posts
Like Jinenkan or Kung Fu?
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Robsco 1319 posts
I'm quite sure there's already an art like that, Kung Fu spring to mind, and since there's so many variations, and so many differing clubs, I'm sure one or two of them train exactly how you describe.

It's still obviously a good thing since you're cross-training.

Are you going to be teaching this yourself? what grades are you in other styles?
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Jasper Spectator 20 posts
Yes I agree, Kung Fu does spring to mind.

Well, I'm working with a guy right now developing moves, this could be a long process that much I know. Unfortunately due to Kickboxing and MT being the way it is I'm not sure about teaching as I have sadly completed no gradings as they were not available to my knowledge - Seeing no advancement I withdrew from my classes and chose to study and develop my own techniques and styles. Having said that at one stage I was an assistant to the instructor !!

Presently I am without gi and have started a form of Ju Jitsu